Bicycle Accidents

We Know Cycling (And How To Represent You In The Event Of An Accident).

In Las Vegas, personal injuries from bicycle accidents need specialized knowledge.

One of the biggest challenges in these cases is proving liability – the rules simply aren’t as clean-cut as automobile cases.

Which is why you need experts who understand cycling and your unique circumstances. You’ve found them.

We know how dangerous Vegas roads can be for cyclists and, more importantly, the legal specifics behind any injury that results from an accident.

That means getting you the compensation you deserve, whether in the form of hospital fees or property recovery.

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We love cycling and cyclists, and specialize in making sure they get back on the trail quickly with their health and equipment in perfect shape.

A consultation never costs anything, and during our conversation you’ll learn exactly what we think you’re owed, how to go about the process, and get your questions answered.

Our promise: you’ll be completely confident on the next steps or we won’t proceed.

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