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In An Accident?

Get Your Life Back.

Get Expert Help (And What You’re Owed).

If you ever have the misfortune to be in an accident, you may realize that the aftermath can be more confusing than the actual event.

Which party is responsible? Who gets paid? What form does that payment take? Who pays for your medical care?

There are countless complexities that answer these questions. Few understand them. Unfortunately, the insurance company is looking to take money out of your pockets to, and won’t hesitate to wield that knowledge against you to avoid a fair settlement.

By coming here, you’ve made the right first move: looking for someone who can fight for you on an even playing field.

Your next step?

Choosing the right legal representation.

What Kind Of Representation Are YOU Looking For?

Over 1,060 motor vehicle accidents occur in Las Vegas every month. Most of those, legally, are handled by the gigantic law firms you see all over the billboards. Choose them, and they’ll prioritize getting you in and out the door, fast.

Of course, you’ll also have to deal with indifferent service, a payout not quite as large as you might otherwise get, and being passed off to a junior associate who might not specialize in personal injury at all.

At Red Rock Injury Law, things are different.

If you’re looking for someone who will…

  • Take their time to listen and learn exactly what you’re looking for…
  • Work on exploring EVERY avenue to get you the absolute best outcome, not just for your wallet but for your health…
  • Answer all your questions and give you true peace of mind about the process…

You’ve found him.

Great accident injury lawyers help to provide the best possible outcome for their clients

Choosing the best accident injury lawyers is an impossible task.
Make sure that the accident injury lawyer you hire has the legal experience you need and your best interest in mind.
If you’re considering starting a personal injury lawsuit, there are numerous personal injury laws that you need to keep in mind. This is hard to do as a personal injury victim.
Your injury firm should help you in all the areas of your life affected by the accident.
It should be the goal of your lawyer to put you back in the position you were in before the accident, if not a better one.

My Name Is Jonathan Hale, Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas.

I’m an Idaho born-and-raised road cyclist, poker player, and data geek.

I also happen to specialize in personal injury law, having successfully resolved hundreds of cases. I’m here to give you the legal guidance on your accident claim that you need.

When it comes to accidents and getting what you’re owed out here in Las Vegas, the services that my legal team provides are available for those looking for a more personal, considerate approach.

One thing you can be assured of – when you work with Red Rock Injury Law, I will personally handle your case. When you call, I’ll be the one that picks up. And your questions will get my answers.

No pass-offs. No waiting at the back of the line.

The personal injury firm is named after one of the most gorgeous features of the valley – Red Rock Canyon. My goal is to make sure the resolution to your case just as beautiful.

Red Rock Injury Law Aims For Complete Recovery Cases.

For Red Rock Injury Law, a “win” is when your life is back to normal.

That means you’re healthy and your medical bills are taken care of. Your property damage is repaired. And you’ve been compensated for the time, effort, and worry you’ve spent on the accident.

You can expect that I’ll never try to rush you through treatment so that I can end up with a bigger payday (it happens).

Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about a check.

Your physical and mental well-being is the top priority when you work with me. Period.

So let’s talk.

Our Services

A complete recovery means getting you and your property back to where it was before the incident.

Let Red Rock Injury Law help you recover financial compensation from the insurance company after you’ve been injured by a negligent driver in a motor vehicle accident.

Bicycle Accident

We can help you get back in the saddle after you’ve been injured in an accident.​

If your car was repaired after an accident, it likely isn’t worth the same amount that it was before it was damaged. Make sure that you get reimbursed for the lost value. 

Get A Free Case Review Now.

Many people in your situation worry they can’t afford a lawyer. Don’t.

If we end up working together, I get paid on a contingency basis, meaning only when you do (and never more).

But maybe you’re wondering if I can help…

If you’re an auto accident victim, I’ll be happy to listen and give you legal advice on your potential personal injury claim with the insurance company at no charge.

Simply call me at (702) 625-8500 to schedule a free consultation so we can talk about your legal issues.

I look forward to helping you get things back on track.